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Leonello Zaquini
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Ricevo il messaggio seguente dagli organizzatori:

Dear Leonello,
Thank you for your swift reply!
It would not yet be necessary yet to contact potential contributors to your workshop, at this moment we are simply looking to get a clearer picture f your proposal to inform our discussions on the final programme.
Perhaps you could let us know who you would contact to contribute to your workshop and what the format of your workshop would be?

= = =
Propongo di rispondere come avevamo deciso durante la riunione di martedi’ scorso (aggiungendo delle precisazioni sui tempi, dato che chi organizza ne hanno bisogno)

= = =

Dear Caroline,

we imagine a Work shops, held by :

A- a representative of the italian “mouvemenf for the direct democracy”, explaining how people and activists saw the events.

B- a representative of the governement or of the parlement, informed on how the proposal of the “law of initiative” (that started to be discussed in the parlement) stopped its legislative process, in august 2019, after that the composition of the governement changed.

C-  Some  representative of local municipalities explaining if and how some steps forward have been possible, or not possible, at local level.

The stages of the Workshop could be:
1) these 3 or 4 people introduce the discussion by exposing their points of view. (1h of time).
2) They discuss and comment on their interventions. (1h of time).
3) The public intervenes. (1 h of time).

As association “più democrazia italia”, we are contacting the possible participants (in particular B and C) .

The availability of the participants could influence the structure of the Work Shop