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Leonello Zaquini
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Task 1: “The Swiss direct democracy practice in a global context (Or other task).

Proposal of workshop: « Examples et experiences of redaction of the – Official Voter Information Guide – »

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Direct democracy needs tools to be used the best and to achieve more efficient results. Among the most important of these tools
we must consider the “Official Voter Information Guide”. The “Guide” direct democracy tool is explained as follows on the official
state of California website: “This voter guide can help you make informed decisions … It includes impartial and non-partisan analysis
and arguments for and against state-level voting.”

In some countries this tool exists, however in other countries the “Official Guide”
is still missing. This is the case of Italy, which is the second country in Europe (after Switzerland)
in calling citizens to vote. In a recent case (a referendum for a constitutional change) some citizens,
in favor and in opposition to the change, have organized themselves in order to draw up a “Guide to electoral information”.
We intend to present this experience and also present an overview of the particularities and methods used in different countries
in the drafting of the “Guide to electoral information”.