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Leonello Zaquini
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Task 5: Global direct democracy via tools for transnational citizens participation (Or other task).

Proposal of workshop: «  Basic idea for a research project on DD performances »
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Direct democracy also exists in nature: “When the swarm of bees choose its future home, it practices the form of democracy known as direct democracy” (Tom Seeley, professor of biology, in his book: “Honeybee  democracy”; Ed. Princetown University Press; 2010). During the past 100 million years (since bees appeared) only bees have survived that have adopted a particular method of making this decision. Why ?
Using a metamatic approach based on “genetic algorithms” we could reschedule the “experiment” experienced by honeybees. Using mathematical models, we could also extract information on: which “factors” are most important for a “good decision” (such as: information, communication, attitude to dialogue, level of consensus … etc.). Mathematical models could also be used to create video games intended for educational and entertainment purposes. The workshop aims to be the first step in starting a research project.